Many people mistake belly fat for being harmless, but the truth is that it can have some truly devastating effects on the body if it isn’t dealt with.This is because a particular type of fat known as visceral fat can cause health complications such as diabetes and heart diseases. It is undoubtedly difficult to lose belly fat it isn’t impossible.

Let us look at some tips that are sure to help you lose that extra bit of flesh.

1.      No alcohol

There are benefits to drinking alcohol in moderation, but the harmful effects of alcohol when had too much can quickly outdo the benefits. One of the disadvantages of drinking too much alcohol is making you gain belly fat, and it has been found from studies that alcoholism can lead to weight problems. That said, we are not asking you to quit alcohol altogether. If you drink, cut back on the amount you have every day.

2.      No trans fat

Trans fats can be found in foods such as spreads or other types of packaged foods, and a plethora of diseases have been linked to the ingestion of trans fats such as heart diseases, fat gain, and inflammation. The influence of trans fats on increasing the amount of abdominal fat has been documented, and in a study, it was found that people gained 30% more fat when they consumed foods with trans fats.

3.      Importance of cardio

A very efficient way to lose fat is through cardio where the intensity, as well as the duration of exercise, is extremely important. Make sure that you spare time for cardio at least three times a week. Although it is uncertain which one of high intensity or moderate intensity cardio sessions are better, it usually varies from person to person. Moreover, the frequency at which you work out is way more essential to cardio than the intensity.

4.      Reduce sugary products

One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t have too much sugar apart from increased belly fat is the chance of getting diabetes. It is not just processed sugar that is the culprit; all sugar in all shapes and sizes should be had in small amounts so that its effects are not greatly seen. Fructose is an element that is present in sugar, and this element is responsible for a lot of deadly diseases.