HIIT Workout DVDHave you heard of high intensity interval training? If you’re big into the fitness world or even a general passerby, you’ve probably heard of it. The relatively new workout style is really gaining in popularity across the fitness world. Many fitness workout programs are actually re-defining and re-adjusting their existing workout routines to conform to hiit principles.

The ultimately popular Insanity workout from BeachBody.com is based on HIIT principles. And various others have followed suit. Even established workout dvds. Many staple workouts like P90X have even gone the HIIT direction with their latest revision (version 3). The original workout was longer and more grueling over time. The new workout is only half an hour and very intense but based more in cardio.

Why are the various exercise dvd companies making their workout dvds more focused on hiit principles? Simple. HIIT workouts are shorter, and everyone’s much more busy nowadays. But beyond that, hiit-style workout dvds are much more effective than the slower, longer workouts we’re all used to. For these and many other reasons, companies are now focusing on shorter, more intense and more balanced workouts.

exercising everday3Even the workout dvds that are usually meant to build strength and muscle are incorporating high intensity interval principles into their routines. Don’t believe me? You can ask almost any fitness-buff how many times they’ve come across a new workout that was pretty much entirely HIIT-based, they’ll tell you the real truth – a lot.

And it’s not just strength training routines – many cardio based workouts are now all about that HIIT lifestyle. And it’s a great fit for many exercises like running, biking or even using an elliptical machine. The versatility of hiit workouts is what makes them so strong in today’s fitness marketplace. Any type of workout at all can be adjusted to incorporate hiit principles. So the next time you’re thinking about starting a new workout, think about hiit and determine if it’s right for you.